SF Ventures is the Nordic’s leading early-stage proptech VC firm. We combine real estate- & business development expertise with over 700 million square feet of real estate from our partner companies. We work close to the leading Nordic innovation hubs and have prominent industry figures in our advisory boards, a natural part in changing the real estate industry.

We invest in founders with disruptive, tech-enabled products and platforms. Ultimately, solutions that reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and enhance NOI, that is, profitable both environmentally and financially.

Our mission is to contribute in making the world’s largest asset class more digital, efficient and accessible.


Andreas Nordgren

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Richard Lindqvist

Co-founder, Partner

Collaborative partners

Collaboration between industry colleagues and end-customers is crucial to help entrepreneurs disrupt the world’s largest asset class. We are proud to present some of our partners and trusted friends.